Pangong: A dream come true!

Visiting the Pangong Lake in Ladakh was a dream. A dream we were able to realize in 2021. A place so picturesque that one who only sees a picture says “WOW”. And when you get a first glimpse in reality, it’s a “WAAAAOW”.

Words fail, eyes brighten up. It’s like an infatuation, but also meditation, all at once.


The way leading to Pangong is in itself a journey to remember. You cross all sorts of terrains, water crossings and landscapes. On the way, you can spend moments with marmots, yaks, horses or pashmina goats grazing on the slopes.

Once you reach the lake, everything else fades. The beauty is overwhelming. The blue, the green, the shadows of clouds and the far coast is all that registers. The water is clean, chilled and salty. Can’t step into it for more than a few seconds. But you can still spend hours at the shore.

Unfortunately, there are tourists, the negligent and reckless types. With plastic bottles and toys, but without civic sense. These are a greater threat to the lake than China. Hope humans evolve before destroying everything beautiful.

Then there are camping options. We had a forgettable experience, probably it will be the same for many others too. The place is extremely cold, windy and dark at night. Amazing for stargazing and serious hikers, but not for a comfortable hotel-like experience. There’s no electricity, no fresh water supply, no sewage systems. The camps are at a fair distance from the shore, which is how it should be. But overall, it’s pointless. Overnight stays don’t need to exist in the vicinity in our opinion.

But none of the above takes anything away from the fact that Pangong is probably the most beautiful representation of nature that we’ve seen yet. Would be going back soon. Until then, relish some pictures for the soul and enjoy the music of the waves.


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