Our Uber driver was a YouTube sensation!

What are the chances that you book an Uber ride for a routine chore, and the driver turns out to be a melodious vocalist? It happened with us a day before the festival of Holi, in Lucknow.

We booked a cab to visit a nearby luggage store. When the cab details popped up on the screen, our first reaction looking at the driver picture (middle aged guy, long hair) was “are ye to actor lag raha hai” (oh! this guy looks like an actor)! When the cab pulled in, we were amused that it already had a trolley bag in the trunk. Anyway, we got inside and were welcomed to a melodious Bollywood tune. The driver was Vinod Kumar Sharma, India’s first cab singer, as he introduces himself proudly.

With his “filmy” hairstyle, soothing voice, a suit and a speaker setup in his trolley bag, a vocal microphone clipped on the dashboard, he’s always prepared for the next opportunity to perform. He also has a playlist of his past performances ready for his viewers, and a ride with him guarantees a great conversation.

With more than 2000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he’s surely doing something right. We took the opportunity to know a bit more about him, and he was happy to oblige. Below is a short except of our candid conversation. The link to his channel is at the end of this article.

We wish him the best for his future. Hope he grows like the Arijit Singhs of the industry and we get to play a small part in his journey. Currently he performs at private events, parties and gatherings across India. Please do subscribe his YouTube channel too. Sharing below some of his amazing work.

You can get in touch with him using the contact details below.

Check out his YouTube channel here:

Signing off with fond memories of the most unforgettable Uber ride of our lives. Do let us know your reactions in the comments. Please follow us for more amazing travel stories.


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