5 Last minute Valentine’s day gift ideas

It’s that time of the year again. Love is in the air. The town is painted red. But I have not bought a gift yet! Worry not, following is a list of 5 meaningful gifts that your better half will truly appreciate. And, the best part is that they can be purchased even when the clock strikes 12 at midnight.

If you are single, or have just broken up, go ahead and gift one to yourself!

1. Move over roses, buy some smallcases –

A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs weighted intelligently to reflect an idea. Gift something that lasts, gives returns, and grows when you give time –  similar to love! It can be a mutual fund, a smallcase or any other financial instrument.

This is not a financial advice, please read the offer documents carefully before investing 😊

PS: If you are in India, you must have a Demat account to buy a smallcase or invest in any financial instrument. The investment would still be in your name, but you can lock it for them until the time they want to hold it for.

2. Gold earrings are a thing of the past, the bond gets stronger with gold bonds –

It’s a known fact that gold jewellery is one of the worst forms of investments if you really want to invest in gold. So why consider it as a gift?

Instead, gift something that grows over time, in fact it grows even when equity does not. Gift a gold bond!

3. Subscriptions –

a. Wellness apps –

In the #newnormal world, with merging work life boundaries, it has become difficult for all of us to focus on our physical and mental wellbeing. Gift them a subscription of any of the fitness apps – Cult fit, Headspace, Art of living, etc.

Wellbeing helps improve interpersonal relationships as well.

b. Audible –

If they love to hear podcasts, books, or someone who is not finding enough time to read a new book

c. Donate to a cause

Setup a recurring donation to a cause that they are passionate about.

You can adopt an animal at a zoo, donate to an organization, sponsor a meal for a child, adopt a child or sponsor education for one.

d. Linkedin Premium –

This will help them in networking, build the right set of connections, upskill themselves, and share their views. If they are searching for the right job, premium makes a lot of difference. Also, they have been thinking about buying it for a long time. πŸ™‚

e. Learning/Upskilling platforms –

There are multiple online learning and upskilling platforms that one can subscribe to and get started with their learning journey.

There are multiple apps on the block – see which ones make sense to their goal, passion and your finances. If they have always wanted to learn something (baking, playing a musical instrument, or just learning how to manage time or communicate better ), you can gift them a course.

E.g. of such platforms – Upgrad, Udemy, Scaler, Skillshare etc.

PS: Gifting a subscription is not enough. If they have been doing the heavy lifting for household chores or are earning the bread butter alone, they will not be able to find time to pursue this.

Hence, please remember to #ShareTheLoad!

4. Insurance –

If you have not bought one already, buy a Mediclaim policy for them, for yourself and for family. Find the right product by discussing with them, doing some research and even consulting an advisor if required.

This will turn out to be much more meaningful than an expensive dinner date in the long run.  If you have a lot of financial liabilities, buy a term plan as well. Keep your family safe from exigencies.

5. Gift of time –

You can volunteer time together for a cause that they are passionate about. It can be cleaning the beach, taking care of strays, or planting a tree together.  

It can also be just taking a holiday from work and showering them with love at home. In this #newnormal world, if one can perform all the daily chores, take care of the child alone for one day, and give them a break from the regular stuff, also shows that you care.

Bonus – this is absolutely free and yet the most expensive thing in the world right now!

Happy Valentine’s Day! May love and peace prevail.


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