Visit Coonoor for Café Diem!

A lot of times we visit a place with a set of preconceptions and expectations. Our visit to Coonoor was a myth-buster of sorts in this regard. The AirBnB experiment was an epic disappointment, but then there were some amazing experiences which more than made up for it. The (second) best amongst them being an unplanned lunch at Café Dime. We’ve already written about the best one here.

The planning

There wasn’t any, to be concise. We visited Tranquilitea in the morning and the owner recommended the place to us. He was kind enough to put in a word with the owner, as we didn’t have a reservation.

Tip: Do reserve a table in advance.

First impressions

You walk up to the place on a misty, paved path. Greenery all around, wooden cottages on the way with benches dotting the street, the place has a European vibe. Once you reach the café, you are greeted with a charming terrace overlooking the Nilgiris, a small pool with frog and bunny figurines and tastefully done decorations.

The mini pond with figurines.

The day we visited, it was misty and cloudy (typical Coonoor); very romantic. An afternoon with your special one, with some food and coffee, at a bench on the terrace will be an afternoon well spent!

View from the terrace

The food

The place serves vegetarian food, a mix of European, Mediterranean and Indian. There is a limited number of options on the menu, but the food tastes ethereal. A lot of effort, thought and attention to detail has been put behind each item on the menu. Even basic dishes like garlic breadsticks have touches of brilliance like a fresh herbs dressing and an epic in-house sauce served with it.

the standout item from the menu is the coconut pumpkin soup, which is a bowl of goodness that stays with you long after you’ve left.

The hospitality and ambiance

The owners and staff are friendly and take a genuine interest in making your visit a happy experience. The tables, interiors are all tastefully done and lend a cosy vibe to the place. The menu is on black chalkboard with colored chalks used for writing. The owner has decades of experience in hospitality around the world, and it shows.

Our verdict

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The place is a must-visit in Coonoor. We will even go to the extent to say that visit Coonoor for Café Diem and the experience. It’s one of our all time favorites.

What are your favorite cafes? Do let us know in the comments below.


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