The stone lined water bowl – Konda Pochamma Sagar

With the pandemic fear keeping us away from indoor destinations, we quenched our urge to explore something new by visiting the grand Pochammasagar reservoir near Hyderabad. A pleasant Saturday morning with the sun and clouds playing hide and seek set the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable 2 hours drive from our home.

The roads leading to the reservoir are in an immaculate state, lined with shades of green on both sides due to the abundant monsoon. You can catch a glimpse of the high bund of the reservoir from a few kms away itself. Eventually, there are a couple of roads that lead up to the bund, all motorable and in perfect condition.

The picturesque highway (SH1) leading to the reservoir

WOW! – That is the first reaction the moment you reach the top. The lake is a man made marvel. It’s like an expansive water bowl, with stone paved banks and an infinite stretch of clean glistening water. The sky reflects in the still water, making it the most picturesque view ever.

Konda Pochammasagar reservoir

If you are lucky to visit on a quiet day (we were), the silence is deafening. The only sounds you hear are from the wind, the birds and the butterflies. It’s like being transported to a different universe altogether.

On the opposite side of the bund, there’s greenery till where your eyes can see. Trees, plantations, farmland, paddy etc. You feel connected to nature, thankful for the clean air, fresh water and the plants and trees. Nothing comes close to this inside our cities.

The view on the other side of Kondapochammasagar reservoir

If you are ready with your bags packed for this excursion, just a few quick tips to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable:

  1. Do note that there’s nothing in sight for a few kilometers from the reservoir. Take your emergency medication, drinking water and some food along, depending on your needs. P.S. Please bring back everything you take. It pains to see that humans have already started trashing up the place.
  2. Airtel, Vodafone work. So your phones will still work. Doesn’t mean that you need to use them though.
  3. Drive slowly on the bund. It’s a place to slow down and absorb. No rush with your vehicles, please.
  4. The highway leading to the place has multiple restaurants, resorts and petrol pumps for all kinds of refueling needs of man and machine.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have visited the place, do let us know your experience in the comments below. If you haven’t, plan it soon. It’s the perfect “safe” getaway for this monsoon season.


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