2020 : the year for gratitude

2020 was a special year for us. A year of many firsts, a year for thankfulness and gratitude.

For starters, entering into 2021 still safe from covid already makes us feel humbled and thankful. To have the option to work from our homes, to be in a profession which wasn’t disrupted, to still be able to learn and grow when the world faces a pandemic, there’s a lot to be thankful about.

The year 2020 also brought new travel experiences and a lot of firsts for us. Sharing below some of our most memorable moments and experiences from the year gone by.

1. Sun, sea and sand right before the pandemic

Right before the pandemic and the lockdowns kicked in, we had the fortune of going on an amazing vacation in the Andaman islands. What makes it special is that the trip was rather unplanned, and the idea of visiting Andamans was only born due to cancellation of our other travel plans (due to the spread of covid).

This was a trip of a lot of firsts. Our first experience of swimming in the sea, traveling on a cruise ship, sunbathing in white sands and absorbing the beauty of the Indian Ocean glowing with phytoplankton. The trip was made special by the hospitality of the resort staff, which is covered in detail in the below blog.

This was probably the last time we were truly disconnected from the world, with no Wi-Fi, no cellular coverage and no card based payments.

2. TravelTwoDo was born

The year 2020 gave us the gift of time. Starting our travel blog had been a long pending dream on our to-do list. With the pandemic, working from home became the new normal and we started saving up on time we never knew we had. Whether it was the office commute or eating out, everything took a back-seat and we finally kick-started our dream from the time saved.

Though there’s still a long way to go, having a few hundred followers across social media is already a start. A BIG THANK YOU for liking our content. 🙂 Please do check out our pages on different platforms below, specially some amazing captures on Instagram.

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3. Sunrises, sunsets and rainbows

The lockdowns and travel restrictions opened up an all new world in 2020. With the dip in pollution levels and abundant rains in Hyderabad, nature showed up in all it’s glory and we were treated to some amazing views right from our home. Sunrises, sunsets, half rainbows, full rainbows, double rainbows, full moons, crescents, clear skies, cloudy skies, overcast skies, we saw it all from our home. Have a look below and treat yourself too.

4. Luxury staycations

We all need a break from our daily lives, specially when travelling is a passion. With the restrictions easing, the traveler bug inside us couldn’t wait for too long and we decided to give local luxury hotels and resorts a shot towards the end of 2020.

From a luxury experience at the Taj to a breathtaking view at Marriott, we experienced two amazing 1N/2D staycations.

We probably would not have explored this side of Lucknow (our childhood hometown) anytime soon, had it not been for the year 2020.

5. To prepare for 2021, and grab the moment when it arrives

For many of us, 2020 was about cancelled plans and postponed trips. But what it did teach us was to prepare. Staying at home meant we could save up for our travel plans in 2021 (follow us to know more on that). The realization that tomorrow might not really happen tomorrow made us take our bucket list more seriously.

Message – amazing! Source/author – still searching 🙂 Please drop a message for credits.

With this, we wish you an amazing 2021. Hope the year brings you lots of joy, happiness and growth, both in your personal and professional endeavors.

What was your favorite 2020 travel memory? Do let us know in the comments below.


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