The Silver Sands of Havelock

There are places you visit and resorts you stay in. Then there are experiences that become memories for a lifetime. Sharing below the story of our amazing experience staying at Silver Sand Beach Resort at Havelock Island in the Andamans.

Hope it makes your decision making process easier on your next trip.


We booked directly with the resort by calling them on phone. The upfront rates offered were better than the different travel website listings. They were also accommodating enough to sweeten the deal with a discount, which was agreed upon without much negotiation.

Pro-tip 1: Always check the tariff rates by calling the resort directly. You will be surprised with what’s offered on phone.

Pro-tip 2: If you are on your honeymoon, let the resort know and ask for a favor. Most will happily oblige with a couple of special add-ons.

Check-in and reception

The resort provides pick and drop service from Havelock jetty at a nominal charge on request. You can choose from either a cab or an auto. Considering the distance and the experience, if you don’t have a big load of luggage, an auto is recommended. It’s hardly a 10 minutes drive to the resort.

You are welcomed at the reception with enthusiastic staff at the desk. You can count on the executives for anything on the island and they’re willing to help with a smile. They have trustworthy contacts and advice for everything under the full moon. Transport, planning, renting a scooter, water sport, kayaking are well taken care of, to name a few.

We were also offered a complementary room upgrade. Another thoughtful touch which catches your attention is that they list down the daily high and low tide timings on the reception. These timings are important. Read on to know why.


The resort is right ON the beach. There are many “beach resorts” at Havelock, but few that can compare to this. The place is quiet and serene.

Amazing sunrise at the private beach of Silver Sand Beach Resort Havelock
Amazing sunrise at the private beach of Silver Sand Beach Resort Havelock

The private beach offers an exceptional sunrise view and the shallow sea is perfect for swimming during high-tide. You can literally walk 500 meters into the sea and be only in waist-deep water.

Pro-tip 3: The sea at high tide is like a shallow swimming pool the side of a football field. You can swim to you heart’s content.

Swimming in the shallow beach of Silver Sand beach resort in Havelock
You can swim and float at your heart’s content

The sands are white, the sea is blue and there’s a lot of green everywhere. Whether you are a mushy couple or a solo Kindler (one who reads books on Kindle, yes we made that up), the private lounge chairs and hammocks setup at the beach will cover all your needs.

You can easily forget everything else and spend a day and a night right beside the sea, and it will be the most memorable day of your trip. If you’re traveling for a break from the world, we highly recommend absorbing the sea here rather than visiting the “tourist” beaches like Radhanagar etc.

Pro-tip 4: You can spend an entire night by the beach here. It’s safe and secure. Just plan for the insects.

Kala Pathar beach is just a kilometer away, and is a must visit. Your eyes will need a couple of minutes to absorb the natural beauty of the beach. You can either drive up to the place or simply walk for 30 mins, if you are ok with that.


The rooms are clean, well furnished and have all the basics covered. They re-fill bottles for toiletries to keep the carbon footprint low and re-use plastics. A big thumbs-up for that.

Pro-request: Havelock, like all islands in the region, is ecologically sensitive and has very limited garbage processing capacity. Keep the plastics use low, please! And take everything you bring back with you.

There’s no Wi-Fi and only BSNL works (which is a paradox of sorts). In short, it’s the perfect planned disconnect. We left our phones in the room and forgot about the world behind. You may carry one though, if it takes great pictures.

For urgent matters, there’s a landline phone at the reception which you can use without a charge. They “offer” Wi-Fi network too at the reception, but don’t count on it. Even the management doesn’t.

The mobile network situation might improve with the commissioning of the new under-sea internet cable. We, as travelers, couldn’t care less. Extra bandwidth and stable internet will be a boon for the locals though, no doubts about that.

The resort also has a nice swimming pool which is ideal for taking a dip during low tide when the sea has receded.

Food & drinks

The buffet breakfast spread is acceptable. Standard Indian and continental options are served. We didn’t eat anything else at the resort, mainly because of 3 reasons:

  1. The AWESOME Full Moon Café is a 5 minutes drive away. It was our daily lunch destination after soaking the sun in the morning.
  2. We preferred the Shakahaar pure veg restaurant for a light dinner, right opposite the Full Moon Café. The meals here cost a fraction of what you would end up paying at the resort. Save the cash for something better.
  3. We perceived the food menu at the resort to be overpriced for what it offers. We rather preferred spending the money at Full Moon Café.

Our pro-tips:

  • Do carry an odomos/mosquito repellent cream, as you can be greeted by those buggers on the beach from sunset to sunrise.
  • If you take the garden view rooms, you need to cross a road every time you want to walk up to the beach, which might not be a great experience.
A view of the beach side from the garden side of Silver Sand beach resort in Havelock. There's a road that you need to cross each time.
A view of the beach side from the garden side. There’s a road that you need to cross each time.
  • The place has a couple of friendly cats and dogs. The animals are adorable, chilled out and mostly busy in soaking the sun.
  • For an exceptional view of the stars and planets at the night, plan your travel around a no/new-moon night. Nights around full-moon are VERY bright with moonlight.
  • The reservation desk assures you that online payments work, but they mostly don’t. Either pay the entire amount before you head out to Andamans, or carry enough cash.


The resort is perfect to enjoy a secluded beach getaway with your special people. You will only come back with lots of smiles.

Do let us know in the comments if you plan to visit the Andamans. As always, happy to help with all your questions and queries.

We have no economic interests or affiliations with the resort. Please use your best judgement before reserving.


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