Serendipity in Hampi

If you are a believer, chances are serendipity is on your side.

This memory is from our first road trip together. Having driven almost the entire day from Hyderabad to Hampi, we were dead tired and slept until really late into the next morning. A late start for Hampi ruins exploration usually means that all the travel guides are already engaged for the day by the time you start looking. Dejected at not finding an English speaking guide, we had almost resigned to fate when this guy, Mr. Chandrasekhar, comes by.

The best travel guide at Hampi, Mr. Changrasekhar Gutti. He's a local and knows everyone, including the elephant at Virupaksha temple.
He knows everyone, including the elephant at Virupaksha temple.

He’s a local, enthusiastic, a travel guide, but unfortunately not for the public. He only entertains the official guests of his company. On the days he doesn’t have guests, he looks for travelers whom he would like to show around for his love for the place.

Having nothing to lose, we hired him immediately. As lady luck would have it, we probably ended up with the best possible Hampi experience. Mr. Chandrasekhar has extensive knowledge about the culture, history, archeology and chronology of the place. He has contacts with everyone, which means you can get favors from locals on a lucky day. He has a real eye for detail and would share facts not many in the business know.

We were inside the Virupaksha temple at noon when he navigated us to a spot in the temple where we clicked this amazing picture. The sun’s direct rays piercing through a small vent in the solid stone roof make it a sight to behold. It’s like holding the sun in your hands. 🙂

As for Mr. Chandrashekhar, he’s almost a friend now. We call him up and make sure he’s available before planning or recommending a Hampi trip to anyone. Truly a gem of a person. As they say, destiny is finding the right person at the right time for the right reasons.

Do you have such a serendipity to share? Would like to get in touch with Mr. Chandrasekhar?

Do post your side of the story in the comments below…


2 thoughts on “Serendipity in Hampi

  1. Would surely love to get in touch with Mr. Chandrashekhar, Thank you for sharing your experience Neha and Dhawal, looking forward to read many more from you..

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