5 things to carry in your cabin baggage when flying in the covid times

The face of travel has changed and so have the list of items which you need to carry while you travel. Travelling seems like a Mission to Mars with all the protective gear and the sanitisation items. We have tried to put together a list of 5 things which you should carry in your cabin baggage if you are travelling in the next few weeks. Keep checking for govt guidelines before you travel.

Goes without saying travel if you must. Travel if you need to. Travel only if you are well. 😊

  1. Sanitisation items – Though the airlines provide masks and face shields, they do so at the boarding area. Hence it is better to carry the following. You’ll get them at your nearest medical store, or you can order online or Swiggy/Dunzo them from a nearby medical store.
    1. Sanitiser
      • Gel based or liquid based with atleast 70% alcohol content
    2. Sanitising spray (not stored under pressure) and/or wipes
      • Buy or make sprays
        • Buy sanitiser spray from your nearest hardware shop, medical store or order online
        • If you do not find it, you can fill an empty Colin or any other spray bottles with liquid sanitiser and voila! your sanitiser spray is ready.undefined
      • Buy disinfectant wipes to wipe chair handles, etc from a nearby supermarket or order online.
    3. One Mask and one spare – Preferably N95. If not available, then double up your disposable mask for better protection.
    4. Two pairs of Gloves – 
      • Carry two pairs cos you’ll need to change them after a while – hands become pale otherwise
    5. Face shield or protective glasses
      • Buy online from Amazon or any of the sites such as PeeSafe based on product reviews undefinedundefined
    6. A small soap – in case your want to avoid touching the soap pumps in public washrooms
  2. Print out of boarding pass and other documents
    • To check which documents would you require, read our blog here
    • Most airports have printing kiosks, but better to be prepared beforehand
  3. Survival essentials
    • Something to eat
      • Since short haul flights (~2 hours) will not be providing food items during the journey, keep something to eat in a nicely wrapped container. Food ideas – individually packed sandwiches or Parantha rolls.
        • Pro tip: Pack the food item in aluminium foil or paper napkin in a roll shape so that you don’t need to touch the food while eating. Keep them in a ziplock to avoid any exposure to outside environment in case the luggage is exposed to disinfectants 😊
    • Drinking water
      • Carry drinking water enough to sustain you for 5-6 hours (Cab + flight + aiport formalities + cab)
  4. Medicines
    • Carry some basic medicines especially if you are travelling with infants or senior citizens or have some health issues
  5. A big polybag
    • During security check, you can keep all your items in a big polybag and then keep it in the tray. Since all electronics cannot be sanitised, this will ensure that they do not touch any surface.

 If you want to avoid all this hassle, #StayHome and #StaySafe.

If you need to travel, read about the things to-do before you fly domestic.

If you want to know how was the complete process of flying domestic, read about our experience.

If you found this helpful, give it a thumbs up, and drop a comment on what did you like and what you’d like us to cover in the next blog.


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